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What is…Empath Super Souls… Think Your Happy?

“If you are a sensitive person…think that you’re an empath or lightworker…this page is for you… think your happy is about people finding happiness and discovering peace in their world by making some small changes in their life. By supporting people to change the way they think, to then create happiness and success in their lives”. (Jeff James)

Hello from Jeff James

It is about people being happier in their lives.

And that is what I am here to do.


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Find Advice and Ideas to help your success, based on years of supporting people just like you.


This is a place you can start to think about and create some real change in your life.


Learn about creating the change within and take action for your own success.

Making an Impact

I have worked in Health and Social Care for many years, working with many, many people with a variety of issues, problems, unhappiness in their lives.

I believe that this website is a go-to place to support people to turn things around.

I believe that Happiness is not found outside of us, through material objects or at the hands of others, although they do impact.

Happiness starts from within ourselves.

If you are a sensitive person, an Empath, or even a lightworker, the world can be overwhelming. You may have increased anxiety, stress, nervousness, and be unhappy at times. 

This community is about using the most powerful computer on the planet and the most brilliant thing that we have inside of us, our brains, our minds, and our consciousness.

Together with the brain, the mind and the consciousness work as a team to create change.

Think Your Happy is all about that, it is about Creating Your Happiness From Within.

Which leads to positive changes in your lives.

By changing your brain and mind you can create success in your whole life.

Your relationships, love life, career, financial life.

This site has blog articles, videos, and meditations to support you.

There will also be health benefiting and planet supporting products to support your journey.

And that is more or less what Think Your Happy is about.

Keeping it simple, and simply finding a better way to live.

I am passionate about helping people (Yes…people just like you), to take back control of their lives.

I believe that we can do this by designing and creating our own freedom… from unhappiness, from suffering, from negativity, and from making the same mistakes over and over again

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What is Happiness?:

Happiness is being in a state of well-being.

Having feelings of joy, or contentment.

People can feel states of Happiness when they are successful in relationships, love, careers, or when they experience an emotional high or feelings of excitement from a positive experience.


My Mission:

Jeff in Nature….in the sunshine

I have worked hard, read, studied, and practised social care in communities for many years to help others and myself to change their lives around.

I believe that we are here on this earth to learn, love and be happy. The very sensitive people on this planet, Empaths, Lightworkers, 

I believe that we have a right to have good lives and be content inside of our heads.

I believe that we live in fear of all sorts of stuff given to us from our schooling, parenting, friendships and our own thought processes.

Think Your Happy is about looking at that and changing it, standing up to it and saying enough is enough. I want to change.

I need to change”.

 What can I do about it?

Well, this site is about supporting people like you, through understanding, sharing, and supporting easy to understand techniques to help you change and think differently for success and happiness.

My mission is to enlighten people to WAKE UP to what they can imagine for themselves.

I want people who feel stuck in their lives, to Change the Direction of their lives.

To take back Control by designing and creating a new, exciting way of life, by changing their minds to change their lives.

If I can do it and have supported others to for many years….well…anyone can.





Through this site you can Imagine what your life could be like.

Ask yourself...what do I want from my life?

  • I want to be happy
  • I want to be content.
  • I want to feel positive.
  • I want to change things around.


Through this site you can Create change in your life.

Create change in the areas that you want to.

  • I want a better relationship with others.
  • I want to feel happier inside of me.
  • I want to be a successful person.


Freedom from the fear that lives inside us all.

The fear that stops us moving forward in our life.

  • Freedom to have the courage to change.
  • Freedom to make things better for you and others in your life.
  • Freedom to change your life.

Ask Yourself…

…Why do you want to change your life?

use The 7 Maybe’s model

  1. Maybe like me, you are looking to live a new way of life? You need to find like-minded people and a space to develop yourself, progress and broaden your horizons?

  2. Maybe you are fed up with making the same mistakes over and over again? Choosing the wrong partner? Not keeping to that diet? Not getting on with the same people?

  3. Maybe you are tired of being left behind? Never the one who gets that great job? Never the one who is slim? Happy or financially well off?

  4. Maybe you are unhappy and want to change but don’t know-how. Anyone can do it if you just know-how.

  5. Maybe you do not know why you attract rubbish stuff into your life? Maybe you want to attract good stuff into your life.

  6. Maybe you want to grow Spiritually and your current life doesn’t allow the headspace or emotions to do this?

  7. Maybe you are too scared to take the first steps and just like me, you do not know where to turn.


Only 30% of the population take Consistent action to change their lives. will you join them?

Your life is Your decision.

You are the only one, who can.

Take back control of your life… today.

So you have 2 choices, you are at that fork in the road, do you turn left or turn right.

Maybe you don’t take action and get yourself sorted out, but why are you even here?

If 3 or more of these tick your box then we are here for you; 

You want to change,

Your very soul, your consciousness is screaming out “for goodness sake, do something, this isn’t a life, this is madness.

You worked over your hours again last week,

You are in a job you hate, 

You think no one cares,

You are attracting toxic relationships,

You are exhausted and want to be left alone….

You have low self-esteem, low self-worth…

Others take advantage of you at every turn,

you haven’t exercised for ages, and generally feel unhappy with life,

do something,

take back control and for goodness sake…

Do something now”.

Imagine a different life…..imagine a different you.

Take back control, design and create that change within you, for inner happiness and fulfilment.

Reach out to Jeff…..cool

Plymouth, England.

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