2022 What a Year….(written December 2022)

A new year is approaching and we start looking backwards…

where did the year go?

what a year!

what have I done with my life this year?

Losses, Loves, Wins and all that stuff in between.

I was just talking this week to someone about 2022 being collectively a roller coaster of a year, massive highs and some dodgy other bits which I try not to focus on.

Stress at work

I’m sure you’d agree.

But the overarching lesson I have personally learnt and wanted to share, that has moved me from A to B and a bit more, such as;

building an eCommerce business on Amazon,

developing eco-focused products

forming a company,

branding and logos,



speaking on camera, sometimes to hundreds of people,



 is …now wait for it…. Is breaking through the fear barrier.

 But what does that mean?

 For me, it means sucking it up, thinking I can do it….telling myself “this is easy”…

moving on forward,

breaking through the chains of my own self-esteem or feelings of how worthy I am,

breaking the silence,

living our own life and not letting anyone change what’s inside of you.

It is pressing that button on your computer that will change your direction or take you down a different road.

It is making that call.

Not being scared to spend a bit of money… because you cannot move forward without doing so.

It is investing in your education.

Investing in yourself and future.

It is showing up for webinars that go on past your bedtime. Asking so many questions.

And missing time with your family to work or study or get that ‘thing’ done that will be part of changing your life.

Manage your workload

It is staring your future success in the face and saying come to me or I’m coming to you.

It is breathing in deep and doing your first domain, advert on Facebook, Google, YouTube, uploading your first video, doing a website, speaking on camera.

 And yes it can be scary.

 And Yes… I have my moments of self-doubt. But you know what?

 All of this Law of Attraction stuff works.

 It is about mindset, it is about living it and then becoming it, being it.

 It is about visualisation.

It is about being positive.

It is about meditation. Exercise. Yoga, talking to others and making connections.

It is about loving yourself and others. It is about giving out to the world and universe of yourself and seeing what happens. 

It is about a leap of faith and following others who have made it.

It is about trusting your instinct and that little voice inside of you…pushing you on.

change your life

hope, change, light.

I’m not making this up. If I can you can. It just takes faith in you and what you feel inside.

Yes, it can take time, but it can work, do not give up.


Face our fears and breakthrough that fear barrier, it is so very much worth it. 

Take back control and get back your life.

Here is the link for the videos:


Leave a comment below and let me know your ideas about changing your life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Take back control.

Jeff James.

#staysafe #staypositive #stayhealthy #thinkyourhappy