This was written in the Corona Virus peak April 2020.

How are you all doing today? Are you feeling great or a little low?

You know we are all in such a roller coaster of emotions times aren’t we?

But times like this makes us think, and I’ve reflected so much over the past few weeks. So much thinking me brain is hurting just a wee bit.

But you know, I think a crisis brings out the best and worst in us. 

But we all have a decision about which way we go now.

How we move forward through all of this.

We have that control over our minds.  

We all have that choice. 

Yes, we Do. We have that Control.

To move forward, to keep positive, to keep motivated, to stay strong.

We can’t go under, because we have to pick up the pieces after all this has gone.

We have a chance here to change how we live as humans, how we emerge from this.

Some of the greatest leaps in humanity came from the last 2 World wars; human Rights, equal rights, education, technology, breaking down of barriers.

And this upheaval, this monumental disruption, that shakes everything to its core, breaks down old structures, dismantles old ways, is another chance to move forward.

To do things differently.

To be kinder, more loving, softer, compassionate, to those around us. To our planet.

To think and act in different ways.

Yes, this brings us a great opportunity, but we must do it next, in the right way. In a better way, we have that responsibility, we have that right.

Whatever we do next, whatever we create next and we build, we do it in the right way.

That’s what I’m taking away from this crisis.

That’s what I’m focussing on. Whether that’s business, education, or just living… being a person, being a better human being.

We hold that power to change.

And it all starts in our minds. Yes, it does, we have that control. We have that power.

Love and Compassion to you. Take back control.

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So, what else can you do to change your life around?

What are you changing in your mind to create change within for success in your life?

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Take back control.

Create Your Own Success.

Jeff James.

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