Are you tired of being left behind?

Are you tired of being left on the sidelines for that promotion?

Not getting that new job?

stressed person at work

Stress at work can cause all sorts of health issues.

Never finding that perfect new boyfriend or girlfriend?

Do you feel that everyone else has a crack at success and becoming somebody, but you don’t?

But you keep getting left behind?


Do you feel that everyone else has a crack at success and becoming somebody, but you don't? Share on X

Well, read on.

I’m about to tell you the number one rule of the rich and successful.

This article is about…How to change your life around in 2023.



And I will explain how doing this number one rule of the rich and successful, for just one minute every day, will change your life around.

That they do every day and have done,

continue to do,

every day

to get them where they are now.

This information is gold dust.

Pure gold dust.

The secret that the rich and famous don’t tell us, because, well maybe they don’t even realise that they’re doing it.

It is the holy grail that will change your luck around.

It will change your life around.

The secret?

The rule?

C’mon Jeff give it to me, don’t keep me hanging on here”.


Well, to change your life around you have to become a master of one thing. 

Yes, only one thing.

And you know what?

It won’t cost you a penny.

But it will take perseverance.

It will take willpower.

Go for what they want.

Go for what they want.

It will take determination.

I cannot guarantee you will succeed. Only you can do that. 

So the thing you have to become a master of is this…..

You have to become a master of Visualisation.

Visual…what Jeff?


The Wake up call.

Meaning the ability to form a mental image in your mind.

This isn’t some weirdo New Age type thing. 

Nope, it isn’t.

It’s based on scientific facts. 

I like to call it projecting an image in your mind, of something you like or need or want to be.

Before you think, hell no I can’t do that.

Yes, you can, you can visualise anything you want.

Think about any plans you make, for example going out for dinner. 

It starts with a visualisation, an image, imagining about what you want that to be, who you want there, where you will go, what food you want to eat, the types of conversation you will have, what you will wear, drink, smell, see etc, etc. 

Then you set about getting things in order to make this visualisation a reality.

Everyone has done this, but maybe you don’t give it much thought. 

The visualisation part is the key here.

Being able to visualise in your mind what it is you want to see, to feel, to be.

That’s the important bit here.

It all sounds simple really doesn’t it, imagine something you want and heh presto….you get it…

But do not underestimate this practice, this idea, this way of living… 

If you practice this for at least one minute every day, you will turn your life around.

Yes, you will, but you only have half the story. 

Let me explain a bit more.

This is backed up by some serious research into how our brains work.

Yes, that’s right our brains.

Thinking Brain

Thinking Brain

We all have something in our brains called a reticular activating system (more about that in a moment).

Yes, we do and we don’t need to subscribe to some satellite channel to get it either!

This isn’t some mumbo jumbo. 

It isn’t some spiritual stuff either. Although I don’t have an issue with that.

What this is, and what it is all about, is just a cool way to reprogramme your brain. 

That’s right reprogramming, you heard me, reprogramming that brain of yours… for success.

That’s why the top 5 % of the world is so successful. 

They learnt to reprogramme their brains or they were programmed the right way from birth or learnt it, whilst growing up.

They knew the secret already.

That's why the top 5 % of the world is so successful. Share on X

And no, they didn’t tell the rest of us. 

Which isn’t really fair is it?

Anyway back to the scientific bit. 

The reticular activating system (RAS) is basically a filtering system, of neurons and cool stuff like that which basically filters out all the millions of pieces of data that get thrown at us each and every day. 

It is a doorway through most of the information we see and hear in our day (smells don’t they go directly to our emotional department of the brain), it sifts through all the information and helps us to pay attention to the bits we need to or at least it thinks we need to.

Stress at work

(Jeff – “This stuff really gets me excited”)

For example, to keep us safe and for our own survival, it helps us respond to our name or notices something that may put us in danger like a speeding car coming towards us in the distance. 

This useful software programme in our brain also responds to the new and out of place in our world, for example caring for your child. 

It notices anything out of the ordinary which helps you parent better, or as a person whose job it is to see trends or changes in society, it helps you to notice shifts in cultures, or trends. 

Useful for advertisers! 

This also means that if we are working on a project or certain things we want to achieve, even if we aren’t thinking about them our reticular activating system (RAS) keeps working in the background and will alert us of it sees something in the mass of information that supports what we are thinking about.

Cool eh?!!

It’s like having your own personal assistant working in the background making sure you keep on track in whatever you are planning to do. 

If we didn’t have a filtration system, our poor little brains would go pop, because we just can’t take everything in. 

The funny thing is that this is also important is that our brain doesn’t know what is good or bad information. 

It only reacts to the master programmer, the brains behind the brain.

Who is speaking?

Who is speaking?

Yes, that’s right…us.

Yes, that’s right …(you are getting this now) we program our brain to show us what we want to see.

Did this ever occur to you?

No, me neither. 

This programming is usually linked to the image we have of our lives and ourselves.

Do you see where this is going?

Hang in there, it will blow your mind. And your programming. You might need to lie down afterwards.

We use this brain system to filter out what we need and don’t need.

But for us average, everyday non-science people don’t even know it exists.

Hang in there, it will blow your mind. And your programming. You might need to lie down afterwards. Share on X

Until now.

So how does it work?

Well in simple terms, if we have a low opinion of ourselves, based on years of low self-esteem. Negative feelings of ourselves. Criticism from others. And the usual rubbish we get in our lives. 

Then this reticular activating system thingy will go out of its’ way to show us exactly why we are 100% right about that.

Oh my goodness a light bulb moment right?!

light bulb moments.

light bulb moments.

Oh my goodness a light bulb moment right?! Share on X

If we think we are rubbish and won’t get that new job, a new partner, promotion etc, then guess what?

The reticular activating system will back that right up and support our thinking all of the ways. Think about it for a moment. 

Why do things ‘just happen’ to those people who are so hard on themselves? 

I’ve got a friend who is so negative all of the time. “life is so cruel, life beats me up, life gets me down”.

And you know what?

It bloody well does.

For them.

I tell them, to look on the brighter side of life, and see the great stuff happening in your life, your kids, your nice home, friends.

But no, they don’t see that. 

Negativity surrounds their thinking and this is what turns up in their lives. 

Or it is what they see, and focus on all of the time !!! 

Their reticular activating system goes out of its way to show my friend exactly what they have programmed it to show them. 

The system doesn’t know that they are actually doing damage to the person and compounding all those negative thoughts.

Well darn it, isn’t that a bummer.



Yes, it is.

Well darn it, isn't that a bummer. Share on X

It isn’t my poor friend’s fault, they don’t know how to get out of it or even that they are a major part of the problem.

Why doesn’t everyone know about this? 

With this knowledge, we can help people sort out their lives. 

Well, people just aren’t looking for it. Why would they, you don’t know what you don’t know.

So, we have this system, in our brains, programmed by us, that if we are negative, it only goes and proves it to us. 

So if we turn this on its head and reprogramme it…well then surely we can change things around?

Yes, that’s right Einstein, we can.

Isn’t that totally mind-blowing?

mind blowing

mind blowing

I definitely thought so. That’s why I’ve done the research and then wrote this article.

It is the basis and foundation of the Law of Attraction, giving out to the universe and the universe giving back.

This does work. It really does. 

I’ve been practising this for about 3 years now and it has changed my life around.

I did some of my own tests.

Just to see if it worked.

When I first started out I observed my life each day, to see how I felt on that day, either positive or negative. I then observed those around me. 

When I felt negative those around me acted negatively towards me. Negative comments, atmospheres, feedback.

But then change that around, start your day with some positive messages, about yourself.

I love myself, I am good, I am love, I am successful, I am happy”. 

And then almost immediately the atmosphere you create in your life that day changes.

Yes, it ruddy well changes!

Jeff Buddha 2018 be kind to yourself

The reticular activating system kicks in with the new programming. It happened quite fast too.

Then the feedback, atmosphere, and comments all change.

How people are towards you, also changes. 

Try putting a smile on your face too and wow it really turns things around.

So, this system looks for evidence to show you that very thing.



Your brain has to do something to help you live in the modern world. 

By only showing you things that confirm your own view of the world, it stops your head from literally going up in smoke and toppling off your shoulders. 

Family close to me at the moment talk about how bad the world is, how crime is up and how it isn’t safe anywhere.

That’s their view of the world it isn’t mine.

I see the world full of opportunity, of experiences, of interesting people. I love learning and excitement from knowledge

They see part of their world as a bad place to be. And guess what? 

That’s what their reticular activating system shows them, each and every day. 

In the TV news, the articles they read in the newspaper.

That’s their world, it doesn’t match mine. 

Who is better off?

We are both living in the same space.

But I live in a world where people are kind to each other and show compassion

Others live in a world of fear. 

And fear is not a good place to be.

Fear slows you up.

Fear slows you down and stops you from moving forward.

In conclusion, putting this into practice now.

So what do you do to reprogramme your brain? 

To change things around, that your life is changing, and you are gathering momentum.

I want you to do one simple exercise.

Take your goals for 2023. 

It might be finding that perfect partner. That new love of your life.

It might be starting a new business, getting a new job, or making new friends.

Focus on that goal.

brain thinking stress overload

See yourself being successful at it.

Doing it, people feed back that you are doing really well. What does that feel like?

How do you feel?

How do you react?

You might want to write down words that help you to visualise this. 

You might want to cut out pictures and stick them on a large piece of paper in your office or in your kitchen, your study, to help you visualise this goal being achieved. 

Whatever you need to do to get that visualised presentation of your life, your great new goal, do it and do it today.

See what your life will be like.

Close your eyes, within that mind of yours, what does it look like?

You might see yourself talking to that beautiful woman or man,

being fitter,

fitter stronger focused

fitter stronger focused


doing well in that interview for the job you’ve just applied for,

doing well in your new business. 

You might see yourself being more assertive with your manager or leaving an abusive partner. 

You see yourself succeeding and being a better version of yourself. 

Then slowly, over the days, weeks months and years you will become what you want to be.

Yes, it takes a bit of time every day, just a minute. C’mon. 

I do it in bed first thing and last thing at night. I do it a few times in the day if I feel like it. Because it works. 

It takes persistence, but the results are quick and come at you fast if you are doing it right. it just takes persistence and visualising the right things. 

Make yourself some positive phrases to stick in your wallet or purse, in your car, on the fridge, on your bathroom cabinet, on your mobile phone. 

Next to your desk in your office.

Make a picture board with what you want to achieve this year and the next. 

Who you want to meet, your ideal partner, the car you want to buy. 

What do you want to do?

This doesn’t take much, just some magazines or some cut-and-paste pictures online. 

Look at the picture board every day, and visualise yourself being part of that, being in it, being successful within the pictures. 

Slowly your mind changes. 

Things show up that will help you because your brain is working for you to support that, opportunities you didn’t see or consider before are now there for you to take. 

The next stage is not being scared to take the opportunities because you feel ‘unworthy’, but that’s a different article. 

Just need to remember…If the rich and famous can do it, and not all of them are possibly ‘worthy’, then you have as much right to take the opportunities as anyone on this planet of ours.

Do it with kindness and love and you won’t go far wrong. 

So now over to you.

pointing at you

pointing at you

I’ve given you the best knowledge I have and have researched to change your life around in 2020.

How to copy this number one rule of the rich and successful for just one minute every day to ruddy well make your life as successful as it can be.

I’ve given you the golden rule.

You have to take that control.

Have a go.

Let me know who it went I really want to hear your stories.

I want to know how you intend to live the life you want to lead.

Leave a comment below.

And if you are interested in the academy I am studying with and how I changed my life around then just pop in your email address and check out my free super-powered meditations for success and supercharge your Empath mind for happiness.

Good luck, take back control.

Jeff James.

2022 What a Year….(written December 2022)

A new year is approaching and we start looking backwards…

where did the year go?

what a year!

what have I done with my life this year?

Losses, Loves, Wins and all that stuff in between.

I was just talking this week to someone about 2022 being collectively a roller coaster of a year, massive highs and some dodgy other bits which I try not to focus on.

Stress at work

I’m sure you’d agree.

But the overarching lesson I have personally learnt and wanted to share, that has moved me from A to B and a bit more, such as;

building an eCommerce business on Amazon,

developing eco-focused products

forming a company,

branding and logos,



speaking on camera, sometimes to hundreds of people,



 is …now wait for it…. Is breaking through the fear barrier.

 But what does that mean?

 For me, it means sucking it up, thinking I can do it….telling myself “this is easy”…

moving on forward,

breaking through the chains of my own self-esteem or feelings of how worthy I am,

breaking the silence,

living our own life and not letting anyone change what’s inside of you.

It is pressing that button on your computer that will change your direction or take you down a different road.

It is making that call.

Not being scared to spend a bit of money… because you cannot move forward without doing so.

It is investing in your education.

Investing in yourself and future.

It is showing up for webinars that go on past your bedtime. Asking so many questions.

And missing time with your family to work or study or get that ‘thing’ done that will be part of changing your life.

Manage your workload

It is staring your future success in the face and saying come to me or I’m coming to you.

It is breathing in deep and doing your first domain, advert on Facebook, Google, YouTube, uploading your first video, doing a website, speaking on camera.

 And yes it can be scary.

 And Yes… I have my moments of self-doubt. But you know what?

 All of this Law of Attraction stuff works.

 It is about mindset, it is about living it and then becoming it, being it.

 It is about visualisation.

It is about being positive.

It is about meditation. Exercise. Yoga, talking to others and making connections.

It is about loving yourself and others. It is about giving out to the world and universe of yourself and seeing what happens. 

It is about a leap of faith and following others who have made it.

It is about trusting your instinct and that little voice inside of you…pushing you on.

change your life

hope, change, light.

I’m not making this up. If I can you can. It just takes faith in you and what you feel inside.

Yes, it can take time, but it can work, do not give up.


Face our fears and breakthrough that fear barrier, it is so very much worth it. 

Take back control and get back your life.

Here is the link for the videos:

Leave a comment below and let me know your ideas about changing your life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Take back control.

Jeff James.

#staysafe #staypositive #stayhealthy #thinkyourhappy