Check Out Vegan Non-dairy Kefir grains here and make your own. I use the 10g ones and use non-dairy milk. 

Do you struggle to keep your stomach and gut healthy?


Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel syndrome?


Do you suffer from allergies? Gluten and dairy allergies?


Do you want to take a really fantastic probiotic that is cheap and easy to make?


Do you find it hard to find a really good dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan probiotic?


If all or some of these answers are Yes, then this is the article for you.


This is called: How to Make Vegan Kefir and the Health Benefits of Kefir, Dairy and Gluten-free Probiotics.


Hello I’m Jeff and I’m from Think Your Happy, this is a healthy, happy body video.


I think that there is a close relationship between the mind and the body.


I have found after many years of dietary allergies (gluten, dairy, eggs) that I have noticed a close relationship between the stomach and how the mind feels, Kefir is one of those foods that help keep my mind healthy and feeling balanced.


I prefer a more vegan-based diet because of health issues and ethical issue and because of a dairy allergy I take vegan, non-dairy Kefir.

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Much of what I share has come from my own studies, experiences over 30 years and my own profession in health and social care and working with people who need help to change their lives around.


You are responsible for your own learning and moving forward, having your own successes and bumps in the road. If you feel you have a medical issue please consult with your GP.


I may at times recommend some products based on my own research and trial, but you need to make your own decisions.