Do you feel that you are enough?

Many people go through life every single day…with a feeling of uncertainty and that they are never good enough. They may have experienced abuse, domineering parenting, bullying, abusive relationships.

Low self-esteem.

Low self-confidence prevails.

This feeling and ‘belief’ that we are never good enough can create many problems in our lives, Loves, relationships, careers, choices, happiness.

We can try to overcompensate from feelings of inadequacy by doing all sorts of things, working hard, trying to be something we’re not, but if our inner belief doesn’t ever change, we only continue to create more of that feeling “we’re not enough, and never will be”.

I’m sure if you’re reading this then you might have felt the same way at times.

What is the #IAmEnough movement?

The foundation for the “I Am Enough Movement” is to find joy and live a life filled with more hope, happiness, and with less worry, angst, and those nights wondering if we measure up – well, the foundation is first of all-knowing in our hearts that we are enough.

We are enough

We are who we say we are.

Whether we are male, female, transgender, younger, older child, straight, gay, lesbian, black, white, mixed-heritage, Jedi, Jewish, tall, large, small, impaired, clever, and everything else in-between and up and down and side to side…

We are enough.

It doesn’t mean we’ve given up learning. Or growing. Or progressing.

It is not about complacency.

It’s about recognising that we are ok. Good enough human beings.

We need no one else’s approval.
No one else’s permission.

We are enough of a human being.
Now. Today. Forevermore.

Say….. #IamEnough