There are numerous benefits to meditation, but yes like anything worth doing, it takes some work.

This article is about the Fantastic and Surprising Benefits of Meditation.

You don’t just sit down for a couple of minutes a day and feel better, but with some simple techniques, anyone can meditate.


As I’ve said before in previous articles, we are born with the ability to meditate and create a stillness in our minds.

Many of us have forgotten or are not aware we can do it, but it should be as natural as walking and talking.



Meditation is about calming the chattering monkey of our minds.

Finding a space within our busy lives in chaos to let our mind drift and relax.

We all have this ability within our minds, think of it as a tranquil pool of calmness just waiting there for us.


By practising stilling our minds, we are merely walking up to that tranquil pool and sitting down beside it.


Many people have been trying to access this tranquil pool since the 1960s and the Beatles got all spiritual on us.


There are different techniques finding your stillness, some of them very simple, such as finding a meditative state whilst doing a mundane chore such as washing the car or hoovering, baking, knitting or weeding the garden.


The main thing is that you feel calmness, and your thoughts drift.


I tend to light a candle and breath slowly, watching the candle and counting my breaths in slowly 1, 2, 3 and out faster to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


There are many many different techniques and you have to find one that works for you.

Focus on Drifting

Focus on Drifting

What are the benefits of meditation?


For me personally, I find that with regular meditation I create a calmness that I take with me and take forward throughout my day.

I feel less stressed, more calm and happy.

Like people who cannot function without that first cup of coffee, I need my daily yoga and meditation before I can get on with my day.

I have become more accepting of others and their faults.

More accepting of my own.

More accepting of the world around me.

I feel a deeper understanding of my purpose and roll in life.

I feel more philosophical about why I am here and my direction of travel in my life.

Other practitioners of meditation and mind stillness report a greater calmness of emotions.

People feel less driven by their egos and a reduced need to feel right about everything. And an acceptance of ‘what is’.

There is a deeper compassion and love for the world and everything in it.

Be Grateful

Be Grateful

You analyse how you react to others and situations more, more as an observer rather than a participant of life.


For example; there was somebody who got on your nerves and irritated you before meditation, where you reacted to everything they said or did in a reactionary way.

After meditation has been practised for a while and you have more control over who and what you are, your reactions to the same person are completely different.


With meditation practice, you’ll be more inclined to observe a situation, and not necessarily participate within it.


You may become quieter.

You may become a watcher, rather than leading a situation.

Being an observer allows you to have more control over how you react to a situation.

Therefore you’re able to control how the situation can develop.

The buttons that person pushed within you are no longer having the same effect.

You are more in control.

You are calmer.

You are more content.

I have found that meditation makes me a nicer, more loving person.

And people react to me in different ways, much more positively and with love.

I believe it’s because I am vibrating a different energy to the world, and the world reacts differently to me.

This works, I’m sure of it.

Sitting still just Thinking

Sitting still just Thinking

Warning: things that mattered to you before may no longer matter to you. You may not be as competitive as you once were, you may let things wash over you. This does not mean you are weak, but you are evolving as a human being and as a soul.


Your mind can become sharper and clearer, as you are filtering out the noise the stuff that does not really matter anymore.


You may find the ability to concentrate is improved because you are more focussed on what needs to be done. You may find that fears have reduced considerably so that you take more measured risks and opportunities that are presented to you.

This is a good thing.

This means you are moving forward quicker and sharper and more focussed with your life.


Your life may speed up and change direction.

Go with the flow if this feels right.

It means you are aligning with your true self and are finding your flow. Your purpose.

You may find that you are able to sleep better and deeper, you may find that you take more care of your body and want to get fit and look after it.


Your overall health may improve physically and your relationships with those you love and appreciate take on a different form and improve.




If you have a formal diagnosis of depression or mental illness then a discussion with your Doctor/consultant about using meditation together with medication would be advisable.


As you’ve seen there are many benefits to adopting meditation within your life.

Whilst practising meditation takes regular routine and some work, meditation should never be something you dread doing. It should be seen as something that is natural to being a human being.

Meditation can be done within a mundane chore, or within a commute to work.

Meditation is about letting your mind flow and about stilling your thoughts so you find kindness and awareness of both the physical and spiritual self.


Meditation is not about religion and can be practised by anyone who wishes to.


Take back control, you are in control.

Meditation is a tool to help you get there.

Enjoy the journey.

Maybe you have other ideas about habits we can adopt for success, calmness, meditation please leave your suggestions below, we would love to hear them.


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