This is a short video by Jeff of Think Your Happy, just touching base really about reassuring the Think community that things will get better, it might not seem like that now, but we will come through this and we will emerge better and more focused on what we want from our lives.

Use this time to reflect and think about what you want from your life, where you are going and what type of person you want to be after this has all ended.

Jeff talks about taking care of yourself as others need you to be strong.

And looking after your own mental well being and being kind to yourself and others.

**Jeff filmed this on his one visit per week to get essential food for his family and of course some chocolate.


The information given here in my videos are solely my own opinions unless stated otherwise.

Much of what I share has come from my own studies, experiences over 30 years and my own profession in health and social care and working with people who need help to change their lives around.

You are responsible for your own learning and moving forward, having your own successes and bumps in the road. If you feel you have a medical issue please consult with your GP.