Webinar special… Getting the right mindset for success as an Online E-commerce entrepreneur.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by my new friend and mentor Anna Davidson recently about how I have moved from one ‘i can’t do this’ mindset to a one of ….building my own company and becoming an online Amazon FBA seller.

Anna is someone whom I admire very much for overcoming her own life humps and life stuff, her values, ethics and her work with women in the community and those dealing with domestic abuse.

It ended up being less of an interview and more of a chat over coffee. Anna got me to open up and talk about the things I didn’t even know were there.

If you want to hear more… the multimedia links are below.

Watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/EzHdLsBAZlc https://youtu.be/EzHdLsBAZlc

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Listen to the podcast here:

iTunes – https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/episode-22-getting-inspired-creating-freedom-in-your/id1523535135?i=1000500301470

Website – https://theannadavidson.com/your-freedom-podcast

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If you want to know more about how Jeff has grown his own business and you want this as well…. check out his site here: https://axeyour9to5.com/Start-learning/home

Episode #22 – Getting inspired and creating freedom in your life with Jeff James

In this podcast, Anna is with Jeff, an Amazon FBA entrepreneur, and they talk about overcoming difficulties, getting inspired, and creating your way of life. Jeff stresses the importance of living outside our fear of judgment, of failure and of being alone with ourselves, and ultimately finding peace and healing in one’s belief system and life experience.

They also talked about:

04:00 – Difficulties in the past few years

05:45 – Yoga, meditation, and healing

08:02 – Questioning who you are as a person

10:58 – Your personal belief system

11:55 – Approaching death

14:28 – Enjoying every moment

17:55 – Creating your way of life

22:54 – Being positive and keeping perspectives in check

24:42 – Connecting with nature

27:25 – Keeping yourself focused and grounded

31:11 – Mindset and success

35:30 – Feel worthy and love yourself

39:33 – I Am Enough Movement

Moving forward is about recognizing yourself as someone who’s capable of change, worthy of love, and is meant for something more than what you settle for. It’s in the little joys and daily interactions with people and nature, that we get more in tune with ourselves.


If you are stuck in your life and you really don’t know where your life is going and need some help Jeff is here with some advice to help.


Think Your Happy is about people finding their happiness.

It is about people being happier in their lives.


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Simple stuff, but very effective for people. Everyday people taking back control of their lives.


And that is what Jeff is here to do.



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