An uplifting guided Positive Thinking Meditation: Stress Relieving Good Hormone Releasing Meditation with Positive Affirmations. This mediation is about using mindfulness to create feelings within you of loving, kindness, relaxation, and compassion for yourself and others.

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These breathing techniques and positive ways of thinking are here to think more positive about your life, relieve stress and get the good Hormones being released with some Positive Affirmations included helping you feel the best you can feel.

Jeff has made this for you…we hope you enjoy it.

Listen as many times as you need to, to start the change process in your mind, to create the change and success you want in your life. 

This meditation is to create and support positive thinking about thinking positively about your life and yourself and relieving your stress in your life. 

This meditation is about setting up positive thought patterns in your mind to change how you see yourself and your life, and to feel less stress.

**Disclaimer: Please do not listen to this meditation whilst driving or operating machinery, you are better to lye or sit down somewhere because it is quite powerful. Results will vary on the levels of relaxation and how this impacts on you, dependent on how many times you listen to it, and how you use the positive affirmations in your life. Good Luck.